Finally Floored is for active folks with vaginas who are tired of accepting a sub-par life and refuse to believe their bodies turn to shit after a certain age, having kids, or because it's just one more thing to accept as a vagina owner.

This is the only program that literally takes you from start to finish, helping you learn about your body and how to use it so that you'll never worry about wearing light colored leggings to the gym ever again. 

You'll be able to confidently load that case of water into your car without throwing your back out. 

You'll be able to finally enjoy intimacy with your partner again and not have to grin and bear shit anymore.

And so you can prevent this all from happening in the first place.

This program works with your body and meets you where you're at, progressing at YOUR pace instead of forcing you into a timeline that either keeps you bored at best, or injuring yourself at worst. 

Without the shame of before and after photos.

Without the weigh-ins.

Without the guesswork of whether certain exercises are "good" for you or not.

Because you deserve to understand how amazing your body can be when given the right tools to connect with it in ways you never have been able to before.

Ready to learn how to exercise YOUR body in a way that doesn't involve endless kegels and boring "gentle mommy" moves for the rest of your life? To be able to trust your body again so that you can FINALLY tackle the physical shit you never thought you'd be able to? 

Maybe you're older now. Maybe you've had kids. Maybe you want to have kids, but you're stressed at the thought because you've always heard your body goes to shit after you do.

One thing is for sure: you've never felt more disconnected from your body, more confused, and more overwhelmed by exercise in your entire life.

The workouts you want to be doing stress you TF out. You're like:

  • "Am I going to leak?"
  • "Is this too much on my pelvic floor?"
  • "Who do I think I am trying to be active like this?"
  • "I'll just do more cardio!"
  • "Is this even working?!"

You've got the workouts pinned to your Pinterest boards, the workouts saved on Instagram, but when it's all said and done, you stick to what you feel you know best: clopping away on the treadmill or elliptical, or doing nothing at all.

Sex is painful now.

You're so disconnected from your body these days, you're not even sure if you'll ever truly enjoy physical activity...ANY type of physical activity... ever again.

Part of you secretly wonders if this is the price every woman pays for admission to getting older.

"More kegels at the stop lights!" you commit to yourself because that's what you've always been told.

"Are all these core workouts actually working? I feel like I never get any stronger no matter how many I do," you wonder as you look in the mirror.

"What is the damn point?!" You scream before you throw in the towel.

Only to pick up right where you left off. Over and over and over again.

If this sounds familiar, it doesn't have to be this way.

Imagine never having to feel like you're sitting in the sidelines of your own life ever again.

Finally Floored is a 6-week virtual group conditioning program for folks with vaginas who want to confidently navigate their body both in their life and during workouts, while never having to question what's "going on down there" or settling for sitting on the sidelines of life thinking "it is what it is."

By the end of the 6 weeks, you will:

  • Understand what the pelvic floor is, what it does, and what to do if yours needs some more TLC.
  • Know whether you actually need kegels (and how to perform them correctly if you do!).
  • Know which core exercises are right for you (and how to tell if they're just wasting your time or actually getting you stronger).
  • Build resistance training into your routine without worrying if you're doing it wrong. You'll know exactly what to do and why you're doing it, so that you never feel totally lost in your body during a workout ever again.
  • Learn how popular workouts are doing it wrong and have failed YOU in the past, not the other way around. 
  • Learn new ways to measure your fitness progress that doesn't involve weighing in, taking before and after shots, or counting the amount of calories you burned.
  • Be confident AF in your body: you will understand how to use it instead of being afraid of twisting it, bending it, and lifting anything above a 1# dumbbell. No matter what's between your legs OR what your life experience looks like.

Whats inside?

Self-assessments to help you learn more about your own core and pelvic floor; you'll know where your starting point lies and understand how to pick up on compensations as you go so that you're never wondering whether you're doing something too hard/easy for YOUR fitness level.

* 6 weeks of programming that literally builds your core and pelvic floor from the super basics to more challenging moves, involving every moving part of your body. Each move has a variation to make it harder OR easier so that you can meet yourself where you're at to get to where you want to be!

* 6 course modules teaching you all about what's going on in your body and how to build the brain-body map™ so that you are getting the most out of each workout, never having to wonder whether you're wasting your time with exercises that don't feel right for you.

* 6 weeks of guided on-demand workouts that you can do with me OR use for reference to do solo.

Form checks and check-ins with me on an as-needed basis to clear up any questions or hang-ups you may be having. 

*3 LIVE group coaching calls to ask questions, celebrate wins, and review the material we've all learned together. Recordings will be available for those who cannot join live.

*A community board via the Thinkific platform that's exclusive to Finally Floored participants + me only (think Facebook without the fuckery).

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Hi, I'm Dr. Mel!

Becoming a physical therapist kinda happened by accident: after working in marketing for 7 years, I was absolutely tired of office politics and selling products that I didn't believe in. I was a part-time personal trainer at the time (which I loved), but there was a lot of garbage and shame-inducing behavior in the fitness industry that ground my gears. I thought "I could either sell my soul for the next 40 years, or switch careers entirely."

So I did.

Fast forward 7 more years, and I found myself in the same position: stuck. The healthcare politics, the insurance games, the fear mongering, the lack of available resources surrounding the need for pelvic health..something had to give. Out of fucks and with egos aside, I decided that instead of trying to play nice and start a movement under someone else's umbrella, if it was gonna be done right, it was gonna be done myself.

And here we are.

It blows my mind that we are literally given these incredible bodies that are capable of so many amazing things, only to be led to believe that we are SOL after the age of 20. That our bodies betray us with age. Or that we break after giving birth.  And that folks with vaginas literally lead their entire lives without understanding how this part of their body works, let alone how to condition it beyond kegeling their way through life.

That the main function of working out is to reach a certain aesthetic, doing our best to do the most and not actually knowing how our bodies should be feeling during the entire process: placing us at an increased risk of all the things we fear - leaking, prolapse, pain with sex, and getting weaker as the days drag on.

Screw that noise.

I'm here to educate and empower as best I can, utilizing one of the most amazing things we can ever be given: our bodies. Without the shame and  without the guilt, but with pure honesty, humility, and a little humor thrown in to make it not seem so scary.

Cuz I know how scary it can be after living for decades in a world where people are telling you you can't, now someone is finally telling you you can.

Finally Floored is for you if:

  • You've been led to believe kegels are the one-size fits all exercise for your pelvic floor but have no idea why you're doing them, if you should be doing them, or if you're doing them correctly
  • You're tired of leaking and won't be caught dead in anything but black leggings
  • You've tried dilators and "just relaxing" but are still uncomfortable with penetration and tampon use
  • You don't have any pelvic floor issues and want it to stay that way, but have no clue how to make that happen
  • You hate doing cardio all the time and want to start resistance training but have no idea how or where to start
  • You've had a c-section and/or vaginal delivery but were never taught how to become reacquainted with your core and pelvic floor
  • You want to build a body that's resilient AF so that you don't have to worry about blowing your back out when you grab your toddler as he tries to run away (again)
  • You've been fear-mongered by other providers and scared that certain exercises are going to make your body combust or "are dangerous" for your pelvic floor
  • You're tired of sitting things out with your family because you physically can't keep up
  • You want to start an actual workout program but things you've tried in the past have always been too easy or too difficult, so you haven't been able to stick with something that suits you
  • You refuse to continue to accept bullshit narratives leading you to believe your body is broken

Grab your seat on the interest list now!

The next cohort begins spring 2023 💪🏼

Joining the interest list does not obligate you to buy but gives you a discount + first crack at signups if and when you decide to join us!

Here's why you don't want to wait!

  • Sitting your life out on the sidelines and missing out on fun activities with your friends and family  is not gonna be in the cards for you for yet another year

  • You're tired of believing your body is broken and want to build upon its resilience and tenacity to ensure it can begin AND continue to do hard shit well into your future

  • You don't want to waste any more time (and money) on a fitness program that isn't getting you anywhere except questioning whether it's right for you (it's probably not)

  • You're done with feeling like a failure because you've started and prematurely stopped fitness programs in the past; you want to build consistency, yet never had the guidance to do so when life got in the way

  • There actually are a limited number of spots available. I want to make sure I'm giving adequate attention to everyone inside, and I refuse to make members just a number in here: God knows we get enough of that in healthcare/fitness as it is!

  • Finally Floored won't be available again until spring of 2023

Finally Floored FAQ

  • Does this program take the place of seeing a pelvic floor physical therapist?

    No, if you've been prescribed pelvic floor PT, this does not stand in place of 1:1 treatment for a medical condition. However, if you have never tried anything other than kegels, "just relaxing," or other methods in the past that didn't work for you, Finally Floored may be a good gateway to begin learning about your body and what to do for it. Please note that this program is for general educational and informational purposes, so if you do have a referral for pelvic floor PT, please be sure to contact a provider to receive that.

  • Is this a DIY program?

    Yes and no. This program is structured so that you will be able to go at your own pace, doing exercises that are suitable for YOU, not forcing you to do things you are not ready for. That being said, this program is structured so that ultimately everyone is doing an iteration of the same thing, at the same time.

  • Pelvic floor stuff seems pretty intimate. Do I have to share about my vagina?

    Not at all! You can share as little or as much as you want with me and the group; if you are only comfortable sharing with me I will ALWAYS ask permission before sharing anything with the group and will never share the name of who asks what. I want this to be a safe, comfortable environment.

  • I've never lifted weights before; is this okay?

    Absolutely! You do not need any "formal" exercise experience, including resistance training, however I do ask that participants are somewhat active, aka already playing outside with their kids, walking, doing an occasional workout stream, etc. This is mainly because there is a lot of mindset work when it comes to being brand new to exercise and sticking with a program, and for all transparency, I am not able to tackle that with the layout of this program.

  • What equipment do I need?

    A set of dumbbells and a type of resistance band or loop is a great place to start! You may want to have varying resistance loads and/or weights for each to get the most out of this program if you're working out at home, but it is not necessary. You can also do this program at the gym if that is a comfortable environment for you!

  • I've done the Finally Floored Foundations: Beyond Kegels mini course...would I still benefit from Finally Floored?

    Yes! We covered the literal basics in the mini course; Finally Floored takes those ideas to the next level. You will see some familiar themes that you learned in the mini course creep up, especially in the beginning of the program, but this is a step above what you've already learned, right off the bat. And if you did not get a chance to complete in the mini course, no worries: we will cover the basics here as well, so you're not missing out on anything!

  • Will I lose weight on this program?

    I never use weight loss as a parameter for exercise efficacy. If you're being consistent with the program, you may notice you're losing weight, however you will learn new methods by which to measure progress that won't have you feeling like you're on the weight loss rollercoaster of shame. We have bigger fish to fry!

  • How much time do I have to dedicate to exercise?

    We will have 3 scheduled days/week for exercise that you can do whenever is convenient for you. Each workout ranges from 15-45 min, depending on not only your fitness level but also how much time you REALISTICALLY have to devote to your workout; we review how to tailor workouts to your particular needs throughout Finally Floored and you also have access to me if you're getting hung up and need some guidance. This program is designed to fit into YOUR life, not the other way around.

  • I checked out your IG and you seem pretty political. I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that.

    As a pelvic floor physical therapist with a vagina helping other people with vaginas, everything about me and what I do for a living is political. If you don't believe Black lives matter, if you don't stand for LGBTQIA+ rights, if you're offended by the use of inclusive language, and if you're more upset by a person in drag than a person's right to choose what goes on in their uterus, you're gonna have a terrible time.

  • Speaking of IG, can't I get this information on your account for free?

    While I do offer a lot of free content on IG, it is not structured in the same way that a program is. Programming takes a lot of thought and nuance, while on IG I literally take a generalization of something and put it up. Having an actual program to follow based on your starting point and goals is where you're gonna find results. I mean, how have those saved Pinterest workouts helped you in the long run?

  • I've done ::insert some off the shelf women's health program here:: before and it didn't help.

    I've seen some of the conventional stuff out there, and from what I can tell so far, nothing out there is as comprehensive as Finally Floored. No other program teaches you how to assess your own body, nor does it progress you at your own pace instead of arbitrarily throwing out timelines of where you "should" be.

  • Can't I just do kegels?

    Kegels have been toted as the one fix for every pelvic floor issue under the sun; the truth is, most people do them incorrectly, and a LOT of people don't even need them. But the MOST important thing is that kegels only cover one very small piece of the pelvic floor puzzle, so if you're not learning how to coordinate your core and pelvic floor with bigger moves you do every day that also use your hips, ankles, knees, even shoulders, you'll never feel like your pelvic floor is "strong enough."

  • I don't know if I'm too advanced for this program?

    Unless you know how to coordinate your pelvic floor and deep core while using the rest of your body, and also challenging it all with weights and/or bands, you're probably not too advanced for this! Each exercise has modifications to make the moves easier or harder depending on what your capabilities are.

  • Am I gonna have to join ANOTHER Facebook group?

    No. I can't stand FB and won't subject anyone to joining yet another group in there. All Finally Floored participants for this cohort will "meet" inside Thinkific, the platform through which the learning modules are delivered. This is an exclusive community and available to FF peeps (and me) ONLY.

  • What if I have questions during my time inside the program?

    Part of the reason why I limit space in Finally Floored is because I want to make sure I'm available to guide each participant in the best ways possible. As a member of the program, you will have direct access to me via the PT Distinction app to address questions, concerns, submit form checks, and everything in between. You're not on your own here!

  • What if I'm on the fence about joining?

    If you still have questions and are on the fence, please feel free to shoot me an email at!

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Joining the interest list does not obligate you to buy but gives you a discount + first crack at signups if and when you decide to join us!